Proper testing and inspection of fire sprinkler systems is critical and yet often neglected. Regular testing is extremely important to ensure the proper operation of fire sprinkler systems. NFPA pamphlet 25 and Connecticut fire codes require certain things be done on a regular basis.  

Connecticut requires these tasks be done by owners or by state licensed fire sprinkler contractors. We provide this service and custom documentation based upon NFPA pamphlet 25. Let us assist you in ensuring that your fire sprinkler systems are in proper working condition. Some services we provide are as follows:

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Inspections 

  • Wet Pipe System Inspections
  • Dry Pipe System Inspections
  • Anti-Freeze System Inspections
  • Preaction System Inspections
  • Deluge System Inspections
  • Fire Standpipe Inspections
  • Fire Pump Operational Run

Annual, Three, Five, and Ten Year Tests

  • Dry Pipe System Partial and Full Flow Trip Testing
  • Internal Pipe Obstruction Investigation
  • Pipe Flushing
  • Fire Hydrant Maintenance, Flushing, and Fire Flow Testing
  • Fire Pump Full Flow Performance Testing
  • Backflow Preventer Testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Tagging

A custom report based upon NFPA 25 in the form of a hard copy can be mailed or a pdf file can be sent via e-mail along with the invoice. A custom inspection tag is also left on site on the fire sprinkler equipment after each inspection.

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